Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eat: Goat cheese & fig crostini

I was at Gottino - Gastroteca the other day for some dinner and drinks. Okay, mostly drinks. N.B., I tried to find out what a Gastroteca is exactly, but I think it's ogooglebar! (I always find a way to Fun Fact!)

Everything was delicious, but the goat cheese, fig, honey, almond crostini was amazing and is totally doable even by cooking noobs like me. Just put all that stuff on a slice of Italian bread and viola, you have a delicious fancy pants snack.

Picture is not mine. It is from the internetz.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Watch Your Back It's April Fools Monday!

Eat - I had the salted butterscotch caramel. I'm not all about the cupcake trend at all, so know I really mean it when I say it was AMAZEBALLS.

Speak - BĂȘtes noire. French for black beast, but it means someone or something everyone hates and avoids. So, fruits in place of real desserts would be a betes noire....right? It should be. No one really wants cantaloupe for dessert. Stop doing that.

Laugh - Funny story that happened in my building. This woman was cooking and she had a roll of paper towels next to the stove. It caught on fire, and when she tried to throw it in the sink, it fell onto the kitchen run in front of the sink. Instead of extending the faucet or throwing water on it or trying to smother it, she picks it up runs down the hall and throws it down the garbage shoot, setting the garbage in the dumpster on fire. I'm sure it was terrifying for her, but how is it anyone's first instinct to pick up a ball of fire???? Also, note to self - by a fire extinguisher. 

Go - AKA the PIT. It's pretty cheap in general ($5), but if you are more-so, it's free on Wednesdays! The first set I saw was better than the second, but I walked out of there admiring all of them for not just being funny, but also very brave, and quick. Muchos kudos to them!

Pic via PostSecret (updated every Sunday)
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