Monday, February 25, 2013

Wine Ice Cream

You know when you break up with someone and you kind of just want to booze it up with a glass of wine and dive into a tub of ice cream, but you can't hold both because you're ugly-crying into the phone to your girl friend and wiping away tears tears?
Well now you can can do at least two of those at the same time!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Have a warm weekend!

Went to Kraverie today with my brother for his birthday lunch. It was delicious! I had the short rib kimchidilla (quesadilla with kimchi + meat), and Bro had the rib-eye burrito. We got there at noon, and it was still pretty empty. There aren't a lot of offices around there, but the delivery person was heading out with 5 bags of food, so hopefully they're doing fine.Their servings seemed a bit small though. I'm sitting here craving (ha) more already!

Learn - "Alis volat propriis." The Oregon state motto that is apparently also a very popular tattoo means, "she flies with her own wings." Bonus: In Latin, there is no distinction between genders so guys and androgynous types can also use this. I like it. It's me.

Eat - My friend Hot Tocket, who I will link to once she starts what sounds like an awesome blog, tried this recipe and gave it a resounding "eh." I'm going to try it as well anyway. I always want to eat cookies for breakfast, and these sound like a much better idea than Oreos.

Watch -  The Oscars! I haven't watched awards shows in years b/c I realized it's dumb to further reward and glorify people who area already rich, beautiful, and famous, and am always annoyed when people who have long respectable careers lose out to the likes of Jennifer Hudson. I'm still steamed about that! But....I like movies. And I like taking note of all the shorts I want to watch later. I should have a post-Oscars short film marathon!

Help - This one's also a Go and a Buy. It's NY Cares's 2013 Soiree. It's an open bar, with snacks, a free gift, and an excellent networking opportunity at an event that helps support all the good work NY Cares does all year.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Have a good weekend!

Valentine's is over. Ah well. Next year.

Next up is President's Day, which I care about because I get the day off, and my brother's birthday. To celebrate, I'm taking him to lunch at Taqueria in Jersey City. The reviews of the food are great, as my friend confirmed, the service is supposed to be terrible. I guess if you have amazing food, you can get away with it! Can't wait!

Learn - Did you know....the dot above the letter "i" is called a tittle?

Eat - Planning on making this, this weekend. this, but hotter, garlicier, meatier and basically inedible for anyone but me.

Wear - Sticks and stones rings

Laugh - Do not show this to my mom. Or my friends. One of my male friends saw this and he said it made him feel even worse than he already did. Oops! 29/31, by Garfunkle and Oates.

Melt - I think this guy is the cutest little boy in the whole frickin world.

Listen - And because it's still Valentine's week, this beautiful song. The Nearness of You, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Photo via The Satorialist

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Arrested Development Valentine's Day Cards

It's Valentine's week!

I love it. It's a day when couples everywhere celebrate their love or like likes, and when everyone else can enjoy watching sweet young and old men head home with bouquets of flowers for their girls, the excuse to watch unrealistic, fantastical rom coms , and eating heart-shaped Dunkin donuts (did you know they have brownie batter donuts now?!!).

How awesome are these Arrested Development-inspired valentine's day cards by Marisa Sequin? These three are my favorite.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Have a safe weekend!

A storm's a comin'! I feel bad for those folks who have to drive, because even an inch of snow can be dangerous. Be careful out there. Stay home and make hot cocoa with marshmallows instead! Unless you're diabetic. Maybe don't do that.

Speak - You know when someone makes fun of you and all you can say is "'re a jerk!" But then later when you're flossing you finally come up with a super awesome comeback? There's a phrase for that: l’espirit descalier. I think, literally, it means the spirit of the stairs. I think going forward, when people come up with these awesome, but too late comebacks, we should all yell "l'espirit descalier!" and shake our fists in the air. Who's with me?

Listen - I really like this band, and I really like their videos. This one is beautiful all around. Of Monsters and Men, King and Lionheart.

Eat - This may sound like 'poor college kid' food, but one of my favorite things to eat is (canned) corn with parmesan and black pepper...maybe some garlic powder too. It's basically my healthier (I pretty sure that's true) version of cacio e pepe which is also delicious. Cacio e pepe: pasta + some leftover pasta water to keep things gooey + parmesan + pepper. 

Laugh -  Great pick up line

Picture from Pinterest

Friday, February 1, 2013

Have a Cozy Weekend!

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

This is how I'm looking at this super intimidating class I'm currently taking. About ten minutes into the class, and I was ready to drop it. I looked at the bios of the other students later and they were either ivy leaguers or had impressive positions and impressive companies. BUT...I decided to stick with it because once it's done, I will have (hopefully) passed and the overwhelming amount of apprehension will turn into an equally high sense of accomplishment.

Also, it was too late to drop the class and still get a refund.

Anyway, that's my pep talk to myself. Wish me luck, please! Is there something you want to conquer, but feel like it's too scary?  You can do it!!

Some links from around the world (wide web)!

Buy - Grand Central Station turns 100 years old today, and to celebrate, they're offering 1913 prices. 13 cent mussels! 19 cent cheesecake! 10 cent gelato! Happy Birthday GC! 

Do - Hot chocolate month is back!!!

Get - Food-inspired office supplies to add a little fun to your cube

Melt - Cute kids, in cute costumes, cute Kate Micucci, and a ukelele.

Help - Want to practice your German or Italian, test your grammar skills, or put that Art History degree to use, all for a good cause? This site let's you test yourself, and hopefully teach yourself, while donating rice to the hungry with every correct answer. Awesome, right?

Picture via Pinterest
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