Friday, February 15, 2013

Have a good weekend!

Valentine's is over. Ah well. Next year.

Next up is President's Day, which I care about because I get the day off, and my brother's birthday. To celebrate, I'm taking him to lunch at Taqueria in Jersey City. The reviews of the food are great, as my friend confirmed, the service is supposed to be terrible. I guess if you have amazing food, you can get away with it! Can't wait!

Learn - Did you know....the dot above the letter "i" is called a tittle?

Eat - Planning on making this, this weekend. this, but hotter, garlicier, meatier and basically inedible for anyone but me.

Wear - Sticks and stones rings

Laugh - Do not show this to my mom. Or my friends. One of my male friends saw this and he said it made him feel even worse than he already did. Oops! 29/31, by Garfunkle and Oates.

Melt - I think this guy is the cutest little boy in the whole frickin world.

Listen - And because it's still Valentine's week, this beautiful song. The Nearness of You, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Photo via The Satorialist

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