Friday, February 22, 2013

Have a warm weekend!

Went to Kraverie today with my brother for his birthday lunch. It was delicious! I had the short rib kimchidilla (quesadilla with kimchi + meat), and Bro had the rib-eye burrito. We got there at noon, and it was still pretty empty. There aren't a lot of offices around there, but the delivery person was heading out with 5 bags of food, so hopefully they're doing fine.Their servings seemed a bit small though. I'm sitting here craving (ha) more already!

Learn - "Alis volat propriis." The Oregon state motto that is apparently also a very popular tattoo means, "she flies with her own wings." Bonus: In Latin, there is no distinction between genders so guys and androgynous types can also use this. I like it. It's me.

Eat - My friend Hot Tocket, who I will link to once she starts what sounds like an awesome blog, tried this recipe and gave it a resounding "eh." I'm going to try it as well anyway. I always want to eat cookies for breakfast, and these sound like a much better idea than Oreos.

Watch -  The Oscars! I haven't watched awards shows in years b/c I realized it's dumb to further reward and glorify people who area already rich, beautiful, and famous, and am always annoyed when people who have long respectable careers lose out to the likes of Jennifer Hudson. I'm still steamed about that! But....I like movies. And I like taking note of all the shorts I want to watch later. I should have a post-Oscars short film marathon!

Help - This one's also a Go and a Buy. It's NY Cares's 2013 Soiree. It's an open bar, with snacks, a free gift, and an excellent networking opportunity at an event that helps support all the good work NY Cares does all year.

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