Monday, February 25, 2013

Wine Ice Cream

You know when you break up with someone and you kind of just want to booze it up with a glass of wine and dive into a tub of ice cream, but you can't hold both because you're ugly-crying into the phone to your girl friend and wiping away tears tears?
Well now you can can do at least two of those at the same time!

Mercer's apparently is the only one with this secret recipe for wine ice cream. It's made in NY from its home vineyards. Love that. USA! USA!
All 6 flavors sound delicious (I want the chocolate Cabernet!). May be a good treat for a bridal shower or a gift for that aforementioned sad sack that just got dumped.

- Port
- Cherry Merlot
- Chocolate Cabernet
- Peach White Zinfandel
- Red Raspberry Chardonnay
- Royal White Riesling

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