Friday, February 8, 2013

Have a safe weekend!

A storm's a comin'! I feel bad for those folks who have to drive, because even an inch of snow can be dangerous. Be careful out there. Stay home and make hot cocoa with marshmallows instead! Unless you're diabetic. Maybe don't do that.

Speak - You know when someone makes fun of you and all you can say is "'re a jerk!" But then later when you're flossing you finally come up with a super awesome comeback? There's a phrase for that: l’espirit descalier. I think, literally, it means the spirit of the stairs. I think going forward, when people come up with these awesome, but too late comebacks, we should all yell "l'espirit descalier!" and shake our fists in the air. Who's with me?

Listen - I really like this band, and I really like their videos. This one is beautiful all around. Of Monsters and Men, King and Lionheart.

Eat - This may sound like 'poor college kid' food, but one of my favorite things to eat is (canned) corn with parmesan and black pepper...maybe some garlic powder too. It's basically my healthier (I pretty sure that's true) version of cacio e pepe which is also delicious. Cacio e pepe: pasta + some leftover pasta water to keep things gooey + parmesan + pepper. 

Laugh -  Great pick up line

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