Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mindy Project

You know I love Mindy. She hilarious - as Kelly Kapoor, in her book, Twitter, and in every blog she's started and abandoned. And now she has her own TV show, It's Messy The Mindy Project!  She plays an OB/GYN (like her mom is in real life) slash Bridget Jones-like awkward yet totally cool single girl looking for a man.  Did you watch the trailer? No? Well go on then, the link's right there. I will wait.

What did you think? It was a little awkward, right? But it did have some good moments so I can see it evolving into something watchable. I mean, I'm going to be obsessed with it no matter what, but it may take other people a little while. 

And hey, did you notice she's Indian? You didn't, right? This is huge, you guys. I mean, what other ethnic people are the stars of a show that isn't on BET, Telemundo, or My9? And her co-stars are two guys, so it doesn't feel like a chick show. She's also cute and fabulous (check out the Louboutins!), but real enough (check out those curves!) that you don't kind of hate her a little. And even though the premise is that she wants to get married, she's also an independent, educated, professional feminists would approve of. Well played, Mindy, well played!

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