Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions 2013

So it's been a year, eh?
I did half of my resolutions from last year. One that I did not do was the constellations one. It's kind of hard when you live in a city filled with light and air pollution that makes seeing actual stars impossible. I did see some TV and movie stars though and was totally able to identify them, so...does that count?
Here's part of my list for this year...
1. Be able to do whatever this is called:

It looks easy, but it isn't! It isn't at all!! You try doing it without rolling all over the place in the middle of a class full of bendy, tight pants wearing, yoga girls. Not fun. But one day, I will be one of them, and someone else will be the core-strengthless girl who can't even touch her toes who I will pretend not to notice or feel bad for.

2. Bike
I was biking before it was cool (like when I was seven), but now everyone does it, and they should! It's good exercise and helps reduce carbon somethings. Of course, first I'd need to get a bike. Once I do, I'm hoping to join at least 3 Critical Mass rides, bike all the way to Brooklyn, and makes some friends along the way.  Hipsters on cruisers need not apply.

3. Good Stuff list
Have you ever found a letter or note from a long time ago that made you smile? Or, since this is 2013, maybe a FB post, or blog entry that did that? Last year I start writing down at least one good thing that happened each day. I have a habit of immediately going to the dark place, so it was in an effort to focus on the good that I did that. And no, this is not like Oprah's Thank You journal. This is Lux's Hey Remember That Time....journal. It's also useful to have when you're having a bad day. Maybe you get stuck in traffic, or you missed your train...instead of steaming about it, just read about that time there were free strawberry frosted donuts in the break room. Good times, good times.

4. Volunteer 20 hours
This one's easy. It's good for the others, and most of the time is fun, and I sometimes learn something cool. Past work has included Habitat for Humanity where I learned the proper way to paint walls, a gardening project where I learned the proper way to weed and take care of plants and bulbs, and a project where I got to paint a couple murals, where I learned nothing, but had fun getting back in touch with my artistic side.

5. Be a Tourist
There were a ton of international students in my class this semester, and I found if fascinating that they were so into doing all these NY or American activities - having or joining Thanksgiving dinners, going to basketball games, exploring different sites we locals just walk by everyday. I realized there are so many cool things to do around here that most of us take for granted. I'm not talking about going to different bars and restaurants...if there's good food somewhere, great, but I'd much rather DO something. I've been to the museums, botanical gardens, took my mom to the Martha Stewart show, been to a hockey game (awesome) and a baseball game (zzzZZzzz) and more, but there's still so much more to do. Here's the handsome Federer at the US Open semifinal I went to for my birthday a couple years ago. I've been looking for a reason to put up his pic :) Such good hair!!
There are many many more, but I'll just reveal them as I go. Keep you posted. (Ha - pun intended.)Happy New Year!


mapbackwards said...

Love the idea of writing down something good that happened each day! Totally gonna start doing that :)

Yay, resolutions!!

Lux said...

Yay moisturizing! Haha

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