Friday, January 25, 2013

Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Woo wee! What a crazy, stressful week. Apparently I haven't been to the doc in 3 years, and it came back to bite me in the bum today. I'll definitely make an appointment this year because, guess what, it's one of my resolutions! :) It's just so hard finding a good doctor.
Hopefully everything will be fixed and okay early next week. *Crossing fingers*
In the meantime, let's focus on the happy:

Listen - Damn, that's sexy. Even without watching the video, you can feel the James Bond vibe. RAWR.  Feeling Good, Michael Buble.

Watch - The Booth at the End. If you like Hitchcock or The Twilight Zone, you will love this. It has a calm, eerie, mysterious, amazingly written story, all of which takes place in a booth in a dinner. You don't even think "I want to see what happens outside the booth" because it's written SO WELL. You guys, I just went all caps right there, so you know I'm excited and serious! There are only 5, 20-minute episodes (first season was better than the second). That's less than two hours! (I was going to give the exact time, but I'm like, eh, I'm bad at math...I'll just estimate.) You can do this!!

Eat - French-Korean fusion? Okay! My brother told me about this place, and it has excellent reviews on Yelp. The prices are reasonable, the portions are ample, the food is delicious. If you visit me in JC, I will probably take you here :)

Help -  There is a very cool volunteering event I will be working at on Monday for Bottemless Closet NYC. The gist is, disadvantaged women participate in workshops that prepare them for interviews, manage their finances, and gain other skills that allow them to be more self-sufficient. Attending these workshops allows them to earn credits they can use to shop for interview- and work-appropriate clothing. That's where I will come in. So while I won't be doing anything life changing, I will get to help someone shop and accessorize for their big interview! If anyone wants to join me, let me know!(Update: My bad. This is actually on Feb 11.)

(The picture is from a camping trip I went on a while back. That colorful thing on the bottom seems to be a beautifully molding leaf.)


mapbackwards said...

Um, we definitely need to go to the Korean French place- yes! And let me know about the Bottomless Closet event- it sounds really fun and I love accessorizing!! (Oh and helping people improve their lives for the better!)

Lux said...

Let's do it!
It's this coming Monday, 5:45pm at Penn. Let me know if you can make it!

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