Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

Ssome random bits of interesting to share. Have an awesome weekend!

Watch - Whites. I know it's the British way, but this series was too good to be this short. But...this makes it easy for you to marathon this weekend! I love you Bib!

Learn - Did you know that this --> ?! <-- is called an interrobang? Sounds naughty, doesn't it?

Do - Broadway week! Shows don't start for another two weeks, but tickets go fast, so get on it!

Listen - I have been a huge fan of this chick since I heard her on TV over 5 years ago. Doesn't this one sound like something choreographers Mandy Moore and Travis Wall would use on SYTYCD? 

Eat - I just learned the real name of one of my favorite Indian dishes! In my family, we just call it "egg powder." This isn't exactly my mom's recipe, but it is the one with the nicest picture :)

Laugh - I hope I remember to pull this out when my friends tell their crazy stories. *cough*racinginAC*cough* 

Speak - My last class had a bunch of international students and I found it fascinating when I realized how many idioms and how much slang we use every day. Did you know that the Danish version of "to search high and low" is "med lys og lygte" or "with light and lamps?" Cool!


mapbackwards said...

OMG, I love hearing idioms in other countries. Like I referenced "Different Strokes" once and realized that it's called totally different things outside the U.S. (In Italy, it was called "Black and White" and in Israel, "Taste and Smell.") I wish there were a list of those somewhere!! So glad I'll be getting to read your blog each week :)

Lux said...

I do to! I remember once seeing a guy on the train reading a book of idioms, actually. I bet they came with interesting stories. I'll make note to do that too!

AnonymouslyBryan said...

Do either of you guys realize that you'd probably have a modestly successful blog with an actual readership and a couple dollars of revenue if you actually made the international idioms website? Actually I think Lux's wheels were probably turning but she's savvy enough not to say anything until after it launches.

Lux said...

OMG, Bryan, way to spill the beans! Oh wait, no one reads this. We're cool.

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