Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy MLK Weekend!

I don't know about you guys, but this was not my favorite week. Here's to a better weekend.

Do - Restaurant Week...which is really about a month long is happening right now.

Get - if you don't have an iPad Mini, maybe you could use these as mirror stands! Or just not buy them.

Listen - I don't know if you remember this guy, but I just heard his other song the other day and remembered how much I loved this one. At moments he sounds like Freddy Mercury, no? Grace Kelly, Mika.

Wonder - Why do all these TV shows show families sitting around eating breakfast and chatting, and then eventually getting on their way to school? What time does TV school start? Noon?? When I was in school eons ago, it was still dark out when I finally made it out the door. I don't think I even had time for cereal. My breakfast was usually a pop go.

Speak - The Italian version of "you can't have your cake and eat it too" is "Non si può avere la botte piena, e la moglie ubriaca" or "you can't have a full bottle of wine, and a drunk wife." Theirs is definitively more fun than ours. Oh those saucy. Ha, pun.

Wear - Because I dare you.

(Pic: I met this guy at the Central Park Zoo. I call him Lorenzo. Get it???)


mapbackwards said...

I love Mika! (I first heard him on Ugly Betty, haha) Not sure if I get the zoo joke though.

Hooray for getting into the groove of a Friday blog update!

Lux said...

I don't remember where I first heard him, but I first Adele on Ugly Betty. Reason #458 why watching TV is awesome.
He's a llama...does that help?

SB said...

Absolutely going to b fun cuz (pun intended) u get to c me!

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